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LEARN FRENCH..........STARTING FROM LIPS so here's the first lesson
Equipments Required: There are only two important things to learn this language.A girl of your choice and a very strong and deep feeling of learning this language
How To Start: Eyes are the best part of any conversation and people in France use a lot of this organ to well express their feelings.So to learn french it is very essential to learn to make a successful eye-contact.Remember without a successful eye-contact,speaking in french specially through lips become very uneffective.
For a beautiful eye-contact make your eyes very genuine.Try not to stare but make your eyes as clear as your heart,making it easier for your partner to see through it into your heart.Now it depends on your partner's capability of seeing through your eyes
Now to make the eye-contact a successful one,get a bit close to her,not much but close enough to feel her body near yours and accompany it with a small smile.This will ease up the situation and develop a feel of trust and understanding because in this language it is very important to make a bond of trust with your partner's mind.But see to it that u dont smile too much and ease up the situation a bit too much that u end up giving her a greedy look and an awkward look in return.An enough smile to make her feel comfortable but a bit confused and anxious to know what's going on.
And while she is lost in your eyes searching for anwser to that,make your swift move which will give her a bit of a shock and a soft wave of fear.Draw her closer by taking her waist with your hand's swift and gentle but firm grip,making your intentions clear.
Now all of this time don't loose the essential eye-contact.But now,as its been a little shock to her,move your eyes away from her eyes like settle her hair or move hair from her face making the face clear for the french conversation.This will be like you're saying 'ok,take your time'.But it doesn't mean that you are really gonna give her that much time.Go back to that beautiful eye-contact.
Now draw your face towards her's which makes it totally clear what you are upto,that is talking in french.Get closer and closer till 90% to her face making your intention crystal.
Now here,there can be three kinds of situation depending upon the three kind of girls: First is one who pushes herself away from you and runs away or just give you One Tight Slap
Second is one who closes her eyes and allow you to conversate because she is too shy to complete the french conversation.In that case go boy complete the conversation.
Third is one who keep on looking in your eyes and completes the remaining 10% of the conversation.


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Remember "Practice Makes The Man Perfect"
ENJOY...... ;)

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