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Long Jin
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November 29, 2012
How to learn a language well People notice that language is helpful and useful for them, so many young people begin to learn another language, even two or three languages. How does someone learn a foreign language well? Why is it important to learn a language? Now, as everyone knows, English is the most widely spoken language, so almost all of the people in the world want and intend to learn it, but just mastering a language is not enough to live in modern society. So many people also learn other rare foreign languages, such as Japanese. If people want to master the language of Japanese, they should know the characteristics of the Japanese language, the relation between language and culture, and learn some methods to learn Japanese well. Frist of all, we have to know the function of the language. There are five main characteristics about Japanese. First of all, Japanese is an SOV language subject, object and verb. The second one is ellipsis. It is possible that sentences can omit its subjects, transitive verbs, and third person pronouns in Japanese. Polite and honorific expressions are the third one. Its abundance in grammar’s and vocabulary’s means for make a distinction between diffident levels of politeness and civil in Japanese and are well known in the world. Forth is passiveness. Intransitive verbs can be used in passive sentences in Japanese. Verbs are just charged their forms of verbs and put in the end of sentences. Fifth is a unique one that they have their own women’s language. The difference between first person and second person is used by men and women, which is the most common words that distinguish men and women’s language. As a result, people can just thoughts hearing or reading something in which has first person or person to recognize if it is a woman or man. For example, when people hear some words, such as boku, ore (I) is used by men, and atakushi, atashi (I) is used by women.
Secondly is the culture of the country. If people want to learn a language well, they must know its culture first. For example, if a person wants to tell a funny story with their foreign friends, the story may make some people who come from the same country with the person laugh until having a stomach-ache, but if told to the foreign friends and use foreign language, the foreign friends may have a silence and do not know what happened. It is important to know the different meanings in different cultures of languages when people want to have a trade or make friends with foreigners, otherwise perhaps they will have some mistakes with them. Japanese is the same, so understand its culture is one good way to learn Japanese. Japanese did not have their private writing systems in the early centuries. Later Japan began to touch Chinese culture, and its language was influenced by Chinese. Then they started to have an influence with Chinese institutions and the style of pictographic. Soon after, Japan adopted the pictographic of China for their language they gradually found that the pictographic were fit to Japanese. They called it kanji.
The last one is to master some methods. There are two good methods: one is people should become a good listener to learn how to say Japanese with using simple words when they talking with Japanese. Then people can speak Japanese smoothly and naturally. People also should show they are paying attention and agreeing with others who are talking with them. Listener responses are common features of ordinary conversation, which are necessary for conversation to flow smoothly. The other one is having a good study language environment and atmosphere is a very important method to learn a language well. The best way is go to the country to learn its language if people could. If they could not, they can make more foreign friends to create a language environment. As a result, people should not only learn the most widely used language, people also should learn other rarely used language, because people do not know when another rarely used language which they learned could be used and helps them. Do not despise Japan due to the fact that it is a small country of the world, but it is the third strongest country in the world economically. So Japanese plays an important role in the world’s languages. Learn it well and it will be helpful and useful.

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