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Learning and the Internet

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Over the past 20 years, we have seen a dramatic technological transformation; a substantial increase in the number of computers, and other computing devices, with a widespread range of access for users all over the world. Internet access can be found anywhere, whether it is in the home, a coffee shop, a fast food restaurant, and on an airplane. With the invention of the smartphone, such as the Blackberry, IPhone and Android, a large range of users are able to access their email and the Internet from anywhere in the world. The use of the Internet for teaching and learning in education has increased exponentially in the last five years (Han & Hill 2006). With increased access to the Internet, the fast-paced market of emerging technologies, and increased globalization, today’s learners have an unlimited number of possibilities and routes they can take over their educational lives. With this ever-expanding world that we are currently living in, it is important to understand and provide learners with the essential tools and skills required in order to thrive. As the Internet has expanded, so have schools in regards to taking advantage of the availability of the Internet and it’s quick, easy access, as well as other emerging and upcoming technologies to adjust and complement their current teaching practices, thus better preparing students.
As time has passed, not only have the technologies we used changed, so has the Internet we use through these technologies. The Internet began as a Defense Project for the Military (Brown 2002). Work continued in evolving it, with ARPANET being introduced in 1972, leading to the network we are more familiar with being developed in 1982, with its support of multiple networks and IP addresses (Leiner 2000). Since that time, the Internet has grown in its capability to support an increased number of users as well as the information it can...

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