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Learning Cutlure Strategy Paper

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Learning Culture Strategy
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Learning Culture Description

School climate and culture are critical elements to school performance. The Michigan State University brief School Climate and Learning noted, “The terms school culture and school climate describes the environment that affects the behavior of teachers and students. School culture reflects the shared ideas, assumptions, values, and beliefs that give an organization its identity and standard for expected behaviors. (Michigan State University, 2004, p.1). A school’s learning culture is shaped by various collective experiences, both successes and failures. The learning experiences of students are a reflection of the norms, practices and policies of the school developed as a result of such shared experiences. The following is a snapshot of a local middle school learning environment in Jacksonville, FL. Fletcher Middle School (FMS) has a long tradition of cooperation with surrounding schools, strong partnerships with local community stakeholders and benefits from a high level of parental support. FMS is an attractive, well maintained campus serving to Beaches communities and provides educational services for over 1,200 students (Fletcher Middle School Improvement Plan, 2009, para.3). FMS has an experienced and dedicated staff of seventy faculty and four full time administrators. Over ninety percent of the teachers have service records ranging from ten to thirty years of classroom instruction. Fletcher Middle School was awarded an “A” under Florida’s A+ Plan for five years running. FCAT results for FMS earned 573 accountability points; students demonstrated 93% in Writing, 79% in Reading, 73% in Math and 65% in Science (NCLB School Accountability Report,...

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