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Learning Plan

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Ines Elvira Vallarino
United Nations Fund for Population Activities Regional Office of Latin America and the Caribbean
Program and Finance Associate
October 15, 2013
Learning Plan

I am currently employed as a Program and Finance Associate at United Nations Fund for Population Activities. Therefore I decided to intern in the department of Operations. I am getting the opportunity to assist the Operations Manager in the Organization with, two Regional Workshops. I am able to learn how to organize a regional event and all the logistics involved.

By the end October, I would assist in the organization of a Regional Workshop by organizing the list of participants, e-mails and logistics note for the event.

My manager will get together with me and he would explain to me all the minor details of the Regional Workshops. Then, I would proceed by helping them build the list of participants. Afterwards, I would organize the logistics bulletin is in order to provide all the important information for the participants. Make sure all the room in the hotel are uphold. My Manager will provide me information of past workshop in order for me to be able to understand how the event works and is coordinated.

I know this objective will be accomplished at the end of the workshop when all the organization of the event finished. Also, my boss will be supervising me every step of the way and giving me feedback on how my duties are being and making sure everything is done on time by giving task that need to be accomplished.
I will assist the regional office helping the to organize and check their document to meet office requirement when audits are committed.

My boss will give me full detail on what has to be in the documentation of the office in order to be meet office requirements. Afterward, I will enter the...

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