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Learning Team Role Identification

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Description, Responsibilities’ and Identified Roles Learning Team C Team Management Consulting Group’s (TCMCG) primary objective is to foster success and ensure non-complacency. Analysts are encouraged to adjust their roles, and the roles of others, within the organization. TMCMG feels this development process will better serve the customer and ensures roles match with the abilities of the analyst. Equally important, this process will serve as a valuable feedback process to assess if analyst enjoys serving in the role selected. To ensure efficiency, each analyst has developed their professional knowledge and general manager’s skills through completion of courses with the University of Phoenix. Professional Development and Management courses consist of: Theory, Practice, and Application; Cultural Diversity; Ethics in Management; Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision-Making; Human Motivation; and Team Dynamics for Managers.
Let’s Meet the Analyst Team
Analyst Jane Budde
Title: Diversity Appreciation Coach
Specialty: Decision Analysis and Resolution
Description and Purpose: Ms. Budde identifies the role of diversity within organizations. She strengthens relationships, team work, and unity within the organization by increasing awareness of uniqueness, strengths, and individuality of each member of the organization to fully understand and analyze decisions necessary to establish equitable resolution. Additionally, she dispels myths about diversity, by leading organization members in building internal skill competencies which lasts long past the completion of the training. Ms. Budde’s selection as Diversity Appreciation Coach Position was due to her ability to balance her personal core values with the acceptance of the needs and values of organizational employees in better understanding how each member is a necessary component of the organization and...

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