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Learning with Mobile Applicaitons

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Learning with Mobile Applications
Mrs. Wyatt
LAS 432

As a student at DeVry University I have experienced a lot of online learning. Most of my time here at DeVry University I have been an online student and it has been overall a good experience. I have learned the different methods of how you have to teach yourself the information that you need to know with the help of the supported information in the book that is provided. You have to be a person that can discipline yourself as far as time and management. Mobile learning application is an application that has become big over the past 10 years from what I have seen and experienced. Mobile learning application software allows you to access a school website using your mobile phone. Mobile learning application has developed a high impact on all domains including education. It’s a safe and easy way that a professor or a student can go on their smart phone, Ipad, desktop Computers, and laptop to look up information in their class that they need to know. You can look up information like important numbers, your advisory team, your grades, as well as doing your discussions on the mobile application.
The most important part of the mobile learning is being able to communicate with your classmates as well as staff such as your professor, advisory and financial team. There are advantages and disadvantages when using the mobile application. The advantages are the rich user interface, support for multimedia content, and the e-learning content can be easily updated on the server. The disadvantages are the user has to install and setup the software in order to you the application, the user has to also learn how to use the application, and possible additional costs for traffic usage (Pocatilu, 106). The mobile application is compatible for IPhone and android devices and works the same way for both. An analysis of the...

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