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Lee Canters Behavoral Cycle

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Walter R. Keeping Grand Canyon University: EDU-536

Case Study:

Disruptive Behavior

Objective: Change the student’s behavior by applying Lee Canter's behavior management of assertive discipline.

Student Name: Carson Smith (Transferred)

Disruptive behavior in question! Bulling victim

Carson Smith was transferred 4 months into the school year. Like most kids in a new place, Carson is a very quiet young man who doesn’t socially interact and is making bad grades. Due to being the victim of ongoing bulling that wasn’t dealt with, Carson has entered the new school in a defensive state of being with his guard up, thinking he will be treated the same and nothing changes. Carson has come to his new school discouraged and to the point of “giving up on education”. Carson has been pushed through the system and has been labeled as trouble maker because no one took the time to respect what was taking place. By applying Lee Canter's behavior management cycle, I am going to demonstrate that after a very short period of time, Carson will begin to thrive through the guidance of his teacher and peers, while emerging as a successful young adult. I will also show the importance of the classroom environment that Carson will enter and how it relates to his future success.

By implementing Carson into my management plan I had to sure he would start out on a positive note and let him know that he had a voice. Canters plan was simple but for a student with a bulling background it would provide Carson the tools he needed to begin. During his first day of homeroom, students were busy preparing for a busy and fun day. I interacted with them in a calm, insistent, and consistent manner. Lee...

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