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Identify the parts of this law that appear to benefit employees.
In 1987 the Montana Legislature was enacted. It is also known as the Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act or the WDEA., it covers all non-union employees who are not otherwise subject to an employment contract for a set term, who have been on the job for at least six months, unless the employer has an established probationary period. (Montana 2012) The act created a cause of action for employees who believe that they were terminated without good cause. The law benefits employees because it gives employee the right to challenge a wrongful termination in court. The law also limits damages to up to four years of lost wages, including the value of benefits, with interest. It prohibits discharge for other than good cause.
Identify the parts of this law that appear to benefit employers.

The state laws protecting whistleblowers vary enormously, but none of them protect whistleblowers who turn to the media first. Discuss why you think this is so. Explain why it either encourages or discourages ethical behavior.
The purpose of the SOX whistleblower protections is to remedy the wrongdoings of corporations. The media doesn’t help the company.I believe that an employee should try to deal with the problem internally before going to the media. You want people to turn to media after they have done everything they could. I think that not protecting whistleblowers that turn to media first discourages people that have the wrong intentions. A person who goes public with the claims usually after failing to remedy the matters from the inside, at great personal risks to themselves. The person making the said allegations is termed as the whistleblower. Whistleblowers cannot remain silent and usually speak out on the face of improper behavior. A person is termed as a whistleblower only when he/she discloses serious...

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