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Principles of the Australian Parliamentary System


Australian Parliamentary System

They! are! elected! by! the! people! and! represent! the! needs! of! the! people.! Members! are! also! responsible! to! the! parliament! and! the! people! for! their! actions.!The)APS)is)based)on)the)Westminster)system)that)was)adopted)by)the)Commonwealth)constitution)in)1900,)as)originally)Australia)and)its) states) were) British) Colonies.! The! Commonwealth! and! State! Parliaments! operate! on! a! bicameral! structure! –! 2! Houses! –! Upper! and! Lower! houses.!

Bicameral Structure

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...illegal. Herman is responsible for providing a safe work environment for all of his employees. This is so his employees can complete their job duties in a timely manner and as safely as possible. Business owners “must provide employees with a workplace that does not have serious hazards and must follow all OSHA safety and health standards. (Employer have, n.d., p.14) Jake’s rights as an employee of Herman’s car dealership is a right to compensation for work done, privacy, paid time off and healthy and safe work environment. “All employees have the right to receive proper hazard training, to access relevant exposure and medical records and to file a complaint and request an OSHA inspection if OSHA violations are suspected.” (Fagnani, n.d. ¶ 4) Herman did not set up a safe work environment for Jake to complete his job duties in a sufficient manner. The oil change promotion presented challenges for the service department and to make up time they had to work overtime to complete their job functions. The service mechanic technicians became tired due to all the overtime and Jake injured his thumb in the process. This opens up the issue to workman’s compensation because Jake was hurt on the job. The fact that Jake is the service manager does not factor into this case because he is still doing the work of a auto mechanic and is also working overtime hours to complete his job. Herman did not set aside adequate guidelines for this oil change promotion and one of his worker......

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