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Leg 500 Exam
Question 1
The best example of a source for virtue ethics for a business Is
Correct Answer: | the corporate mission statement. |
Question 2
The Ethic of Care is
Correct Answer: | A set of principles that encourage decision makers to look at human relationships as a primary motivator for a decision. |
Question 3
According to Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which of the following is not a reason to allow corporations the right to spend money and advertise for political candidates?
Correct Answer: | The immense wealth of a corporation allows it to be the most accurate in providing messages to people. |
Question 4
Assuming a business ethical dilemma, which statement best illustrates Gilligan approach suggested in her theory of “The Ethics of Care”?
Correct Answer: | care and responsibility to others |
Question 5
All of the following are considered exceptions to the general rule that there is no duty to rescue except
Correct Answer: | Witnessing an accident – this creates a duty to step in and help the injured |
Question 6
The Sarbanes Oxley Act was passed in response to:
I. concerns that investors received full and complete information about potential corporate fraud
II. a lack of investor confidence
III. corporate scandals beginning with Enron
IV. discrimination against an employee when providing information she reasonably believes constitutes a violation of federal security laws
Correct Answer: | I and II |
Question 7
Under the legal doctrine of “employment at will” an employee can be lawfully terminated from her job for:
I. wearing a shirt that clashes with her suit
II. any non-discriminatory reason
III. complaining about illegal activity in the workplace
IV. only for good cause
Correct Answer: | c. I and II |…...