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How is a black man able to overcome the stereotypical ways of today’s society? In “Daddy’s Little Girls” a mechanic name Monty, was facing difficulties trying to gain custody of his three daughters. The problems he faced were because of certain stereotypes labeled to being a black man. Today black males are constantly confronted by stereotypes such as being a deadbeat dad, can’t hold a steady job and being misunderstood.

First of all as a black woman of four children I have witnessed what a deadbeat dad is. My children fathers was a do nothing, wouldn’t give anything type of dad. My son almost had a child but, the young lady lost it. That doesn’t make him a dead beat. In “Daddy’s Little Girls” Monty was faced with being labeled as a unfit parent. The mother of his three little girls told lies to the judge to try and keep him away from his children. The lies consist of; Monty not having a job, he wasn’t fit to be a father. So with the judge breathing down his neck, he had nowhere to turn based on the color of his skin. Not being able to hold a steady job is a stereotype that I believe at least one black male experiences everyday here in the USA. Monty, who is a black male, also a father of three can relate. The reason why is, because of what his children mother say’s to him and about him almost every day. She consistently argue’s with him about not having a job and about maintaining a steady job even though he already have one. No matter what he neither does nor did it wasn’t good enough for her because of that stereotype.

Finally, as a man of color or woman we consistently are being judge. We cannot get a friendly greeting without being misunderstood. Facing theses problems Monty had to overcome the outcome of his baby momma. He was a black man with a descent job, his own place, own transportation, and took the responsibility of his children. Monty had to prove that even with his skin color being black that he can beat the odds of the statics.

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