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Legal Considerations in Nursing

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* To introduce legal considerations

* To define law

* To understand sources of law

* To list out the types of law

* To explain the selected legal aspects of nursing practice * To understand the components and characteristics of the legal process * To explain the regulation of nursing practice * To enumerate standards of nursing care * To describeselected legal aspects of nursing practice * To explainlegal protections in nursing practice * To describe nursing practice and the law

* To describe legal issues in practice

* To explain nurse–client relationship

* To list out the guidelines for safe nursing practice

* To formulatelegal roles of nurses

* To explain the legal responsibility of nursing students
Nursing practice is governed by many legal concepts. It is important for nurses to know the basics of legal concepts, because nurses are accountable for their professional judgments and actions. Accountability is an essential concept of professional nursing practice and the law. Knowledge of laws that...

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