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Legal Issues of an Online Business

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As a manager of an online business, what legal regulations must you take account of?

Today in Ireland more and more people are looking to the internet to start an online business as barriers to entry are minuscule and this will increase the size of your target audience, therefore increasing profits. But before starting any online business there are several legal requirements to go through before starting the business, as online trading is now governed by a number of laws which were put in place to protect consumers. As the manager of an online business you need to be conscious of these laws and regulations and responsible for seeing that all necessary requirements are followed accordingly. Firstly your business must meet the general requirements of consumer law so that all the products and services that you are selling meet a certain standard and that they are as described and consumers get exactly what they are paying for, so that they are treated fairly.

Specific rules apply to distance contract’s, a distance contract is formed when you agree to buy goods online, before a distance contract can be made between the buyer and seller, the seller must make clear to the buyer information such as their identity and their address, the main characteristics for the goods or services, the price including any taxes and delivery costs, set out arrangements for payment and delivery, and the existence of a right of cancellation where appropriate must be in order. The length of time it will be possible for the consumer to enter the contract on these terms and the cost of the communication between the parties if it is above a basic rate. Consumers are entitled to a cooling off period of seven days which begins on the day they receive the product and as for a...

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