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Legal Studies Research Essay
By Shirley Zhang
Option One: Which two criminological theories do you believe best explain criminal behaviour? Use at least two case studies [of real crimes/criminals] to support your opinion. 1000 – 1500 words.

Compared to the economic and biological theories of crime, the psychological and the economic theories are more reliable. This can be shown through the Filipinos ex police officer hi-jacking and killing Hong Kong tourists case and the Ted Bundy’s case.

The ex police officer, Rolando Mendoza was fired after found illegally extorting Christian Kalaw, a chef of the Mandarin Hotel. He hi-jacked a bus full of Hong Kong tourists as hostages demanding for his case to be reheard by the Ombudsmen and his job back. According to the Differential Association Theory and the social learning theory, criminal behaviours were leant and were learnt by observing their surroundings. This applied to Mendoza since he was a police officer who dealt with and observed criminal behaviours each day. Theorists of Strain Theory stated that social structures may encourage citizens to commit crime. Rolando’s brother, Gregorio, said that all his brother wanted was a fair hearing because the Ombudsmen never gave him a chance to defend himself and dismissed him straight away. According to the Labelling Theory, people could be influenced by the words they were described with. Rolando was kicked out of the police station because of extortion, thus, he was labelled as a criminal.

Ted Bundy was one of the most prolific serial killers in the American history.

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