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Discussion 2 business ethics

After researching several US companies with unethical issues, I came across the company Uber. This appealed to me because I know a variety of people that have used this company for rides to and from places. For those of you who do not know Uber, they are a taxi service with an application that connects drivers and passengers instantly. So if you are out on the town and have had too much to drink you can log into the application with your cellular device and summons a driver to come get you for a reasonable price.
As awesome as the company sounds, they are currently facing some ethical issues with their competitor Lyft. Lyft offers the same concept to their consumers. The company Lyft advised everyone that the employees of Uber were practicing unethical conduct. The drivers of Uber ordered over five thousand Lyft drivers through the application and cancelled the ride. The Uber drivers basically played ding dong door ditch with the employees of Lyft, This caused the Lyft employees to not only lose income but also caused them to used customers. With the cancellations, the consumers would end up using Uber. The employees of Lyft would end up driving to these destinations to see that they did not have any passengers. This scheme was not only unethical but most likely broke several other laws in regards to competition. The company has been known for several unethical issues along with this case here. Instead of implementing a company that offers better pricing and quality over Lyft the company chooses to be unethical.
Though the company has chosen to practice bad business ethics, there are ways this could have been resolved from the very beginning. For example the employees of Uber could have been given extensive compliance training, code of ethics, and other company policies. Like most companies, the employees would have been…...

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