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Legendary Advertisers

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Legendary Advertisers

William Bernbach
"I warn you against believing that advertising is a science." said William Bernbach, who is one of the legends in the field of advertising. He was worn in August 1911, New York. Ho got a degree from New York University in English. His career started with a job running Schenley Distillers mailroom. Al though it was during the time of depression, Bernbach managed to get to the advertising department after writing an ad for one of the company’s products ("The advertising century," n.d.).
Bernbach moved on to several advertising agencies till he had met Ned Doyle and Mac Dane and found DDB. At DDB, Bernbach focused on creating ads for businesses. Dane and Doyle, experts in business, combined their efforts with Bernbach's creativity to push DDb to be the 11th biggest advertising agency in America in 1976. Bernbach passed away in October 1982, only a few years after setting DDB ("The advertising century," n.d.).
Bernbach had received many awards during his reputable career. He was nominated into "The Copywriters Hall of Fame" in 1964 and selected as "Man of the Year Advertising Award" in 1963, 1965 and 1966. He got recognized as "The Top Advertising Agency President" in 1967. Among his many successful most famous ad campaigns are Volkswagen's "Think small" and Levy's Bakery's "Real Jewish Rye" ("Ad man of," n.d.).
George Lois
George Lois was born 1931 in New York City to parents of Greek origins. Lois went to High School of Music and Art and then attended Pratt Institute from one year and then left to work for Reba Sochis for six months. Lois is an American art director, designer, and author. His cover designs for Esquire are extremely recognized, where they are considered the best ever published in a mass-market magazine. "George Lois' Esquire covers are considered among the most memorable propaganda imagery in any medium,...

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