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“New Federal Law Boosts Housing for Native American Veterans”

The current issue between Native Americans and the Federal Government that I will talk about in this post is Housing Improvement Program for Native American Veterans and their survivors. These are veterans who served and fought for the country that are being denied of support from Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act. Rep. Ann Kirckpatrick presented this bill 2009 at the request of Navajo Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners. The Board explained how the Native American Veterans deserved better benefits and more than what they have now. In 1996, before this legislation tribal communities had the option to easily acquire a housing grant under the condition where they will support families that had an income less than 80 percent of the median income of the area. But, with the new legislation that the President signed will be a solution to this problem by excluding the veteran’s benefit from the definite income. Kickpatrick believed that this was one of the many ways to help the Native American Veterans, she also asked the BIA to help the veterans by fixing some of the problems they have in the Housing Program. Others that helped the Native Americans were Sen. Ron Wyden and John Thune both who put the effort to pass the bill this session, they believed that fixing this Housing Program ASAP was the right thing to do for our veterans who have fought and served this country and should not have more stress and burden from legislative errors. The legislation that is connected with this issue is the Indian Veterans Housing Opportunities Act that was moved by the Senate Sept 28. This is because the issue is about the legislation to be passed and signed by the President to help the veterans of our country to get the benefits they deserve.…...