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Born | Lei Jun
16 December 1969
Xiantao, Hubei, China | Residence | Beijing, China | Nationality | Chinese | Citizenship | China | Education | Wuhan University
Mainyang Middle School | Alma mater | Wuhan University (B.Eng.)[1] | Occupation | Founder, Chairman and CEO ofXiaomi Tech[2]
Executive Director of Kingsoft
Chairman of UCWeb Inc.
Founder of Amazon China
Chairman of[3]
Chairman of Great Wall Club | Known for | Founding Xiaomi Tech | Net worth | US$ 4.7 billion (August 2014) | Title | Founder, Chairman and CEO ofXiaomi Tech | Children | 2 |
Chinese entrepreneur, who is known for founding Xiaomi Tech, one of the chinese largest technology company.
Lei Jun being describe by Forbes Magazine as China Steve’s Jobs. Have much common with late Apple Icon. Lei, just like a young Steve Jobs, is the head of growing technology company, Xiaomi. Lei also favors the simple stylings of Jobs, preferring the black shirt and jeans combo that was once standard attire for the former Apple CEO (though he was known for his black turtleneck).
Lei Jun was born on 16 December 1969 in Xiantao, Hubei, China.
In 1987, Lei graduated from Mianyang Middle School and began attending Wuhan University, where he holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.
On 20 December 2007, for "health reasons", Lei resigned as President and CEO of Kingsoft.
On 16 December 2008, Lei became a Chairman of UCWeb.
On 6 April 2010, Lei Jun founded Xiaomi Tech.[9]
On 29 August 2011, Lei became an Executive Director of Kingsoft.[10]
On 18 August 2014, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after nominated by investor Yuri Milner. In return, Lei Jun nominated Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau, Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou and Baidu founder Robin Li.

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