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Family and Leisure
I believe all of my leisurely activities are a result of my upbringing and the things that my parents partook in during my childhood. There are many different activities that I tried growing up like basketball, baseball, and horseback riding, but theses activities never really stuck with me. These were all activates that my mom got into, but not really my dad. I believe the lack of support from my father on these activities kept me from really getting involved with them as well. There is however activities that I picked up from my father that I still do today and are a part of my best memories.
Growing up we would usually all eat dinner around the table then go and watch the nightly sitcoms on TV. Home Improvement and Dinosaurs are two that stick out the most in my mind. This was a time that we could all sit down and relax together. Then mom would usually read my brother and me a bedtime story and then we would pray before bed. I still use television as a way of reducing stress and relaxing at the end of the day. The pray before bed I believe helped to create a strong foundation of faith for me and my brother that goes beyond just going to church every Sunday.
One of the things that we would always do when we visited my grandparents was play poker. Mom would usually give me and my brother around four dollars in change to play nickel and dime poker. This was a time that we all got to be together and talk about life while my brother and I got to learn lots of new card games. It was great for me and my brother, because we got to keep whatever we won. This event is something we still do today, but now my brother and I have to kick in our own change to play.
When it came to immediate family and my time growing up in Arkansas basketball, baseball, and horseback riding were the main leisurely activities I tried. However, those activities were...

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