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Lemon Boots

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Kevin Argueta
Theater 113
November 2012
Lemmon Boots Lemmon boots was a very artistic play compared to the other plays I have seen this semester. The unspoken story portrayed by movements of the actors really showcased the multiple meanings the play incased. The meaning that I believe that was most relevant to me was the journey Lemon had through the post apocalyptic scenarios. The journey that she ventured on was that of trying to find herself in the world that had now become abstract. This made it difficult for her to find the person she was since she was, in a way, traveling through different era’s in society. The play crated a road map though the different eras by taking Lemon and the audience in a time travel warp starting from what technological world we live in today.
This exemplified that Lemon was/is one of is and journeyed through the times as we, the audience, are living in now. Lemon finds herself trying to understand the effects of technology and the harm it has created on mankind. After the “apocalypse.” We can see that she was being eaten by some soft of dinosaur creature. Lemon seems to be in a state of trance where she doesn’t know her place in this ancient and almost mystical world. She tried to find shelter and tries to understand what is going on in the world she has been trapped in. Both of these experiences that Lemon go through are great examples of the meaning of the Lemon Boots. The audience witnesses that Lemon is not only confused of the tribulations going around her, she is also trying to understand her purpose in the multiple eras she’s traveling.
In addition, the play seemed to have a paradigm shift where the time that Lemon is trapped in evolves into the world we live in today. Towards the end of the play we see the four different phases of lemon come together. The multiple actresses portraying Lemon reenact the eras they were placed in. One can see the multiple expressions on their face and see how Lemon was trying to find her place in the places where she felt most tormented. The meaning of Lemon trying to find herself in the situations she is put in is then concluded, by her understanding her purpose. Lemon’s concludes the confusion and understands what she went through. The meaning is then reciprocated to the audience by dancing to Ganman Style; which would be how we define ourselves and how we understand our own culture. Lemon continued to carry a leaf with her throughout the play which sets the example of having something she relates to but not knowing why or what it she had it. Gannam Style is then portrayed as a song we most relate ourselves too and knowing whom we are when listening to it anywhere go.

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