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RA G PC+ E IN E RM TH FO OR NS O F RA OV T N LE ual Ann 3 2 /1 2 2 01 Code 99 ck Sto

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ov rso NV L e n R : L ion pe any – to l ( A D 34 bil comp o PC ted $ dica siness g y p t w and e US nolo to bu s. D ld h ng t e c o f t h e he wor P l u s untrie novo’s d stro e o n M t o n e ers in n g P C 160 c vices, L chain a rmer IB d i mak m e r g re than rnet de supply f the fo ures an s e t o ct te lobal o an ufac odu ition ile in nm rs i d mob ficient g acquis s, man logy pr ercial e ’s tom an mm no -ef op s, cus d PCs highly Group devel e tech ed co tation d s o ng ere a y s i n, Lenov an -to-u -bran work serv gine mp atio y k , er – ally en t innov ed by the Co nd eas ry Thin ervers a lead ption oduc Form ion, da l as s en r ure e . exc ilt on p cution g Divis ty, sec ude leg as wel e l e l u in quali inc obi Cs, is b egic ex mput ho t ig ct lines mer P y o f m ding stra onal C able, h odu u mil inclu s. i ons r s Per ets rel . Its p ded c d a f a evices, phone e s k n rt n a n net d mar service ea-bra ortu sma r Id inte ts and lobal F major d an and g e tabl vo, a ny, has mato, PCs eno ompa rs in Ya ghai L c te an 500 rch cen ng, Sh a; and in ea Beiji . res n; lina , Ch pa enzhen h Caro Ja Sh ort and igh, N e Ral

O NOV 2 ) LE 9 OUT K S E : 9 i s a B A ) H o ( nal GY


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...RA G PC+ E IN E RM TH FO OR NS O F RA OV T N LE ual Ann 3 2 /1 2 2 01 Code 99 ck Sto o nov t Le or Rep ited Lim up Gro ov rso NV L e n R : L ion pe any – to l ( A D 34 bil comp o PC ted $ dica siness g y p t w and e US nolo to bu s. D ld h ng t e c o f t h e he wor P l u s untrie novo’s d stro e o n M t o n e ers in n g P C 160 c vices, L chain a rmer IB d i mak m e r g re than rnet de supply f the fo ures an s e t o ct te lobal o an ufac odu ition ile in nm rs i d mob ficient g acquis s, man logy pr ercial e ’s tom an mm no -ef op s, cus d PCs highly Group devel e tech ed co tation d s o ng ere a y s i n, Lenov an -to-u -bran work serv gine mp atio y k , er – ally en t innov ed by the Co nd eas ry Thin ervers a lead ption oduc Form ion, da l as s en r ure e . exc ilt on p cution g Divis ty, sec ude leg as wel e l e l u in quali inc obi Cs, is b egic ex mput ho t ig ct lines mer P y o f m ding stra onal C able, h odu u mil inclu s. i ons r s Per ets rel . Its p ded c d a f a evices, phone e s k n rt n a n net d mar service ea-bra ortu sma r Id inte ts and lobal F major d an and g e tabl vo, a ny, has mato, PCs eno ompa rs in Ya ghai L c te an 500 rch cen ng, Sh a; and in ea Beiji . res n; lina , Ch pa enzhen h Caro Ja Sh ort and igh, N e Ral O NOV 2 ) LE 9 OUT K S E : 9 i s a B A ) H o ( nal GY N ENT REHE P EM TAT COM E S OF T OM ITY INC EMEN HEET QU TED STAT CE S ENT S IN E DA D LI AN TEM NGE SO IDATE BAL STA A ON D OW OF CH NTS 2 C NSOL IDATE T FL 11 CO E......

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...Annual Report Project | Lenovo, Fiscal Year 2012/13 | Accounting I Professor Jerome Newman By: Min Ki Kim August 24th 2013 | Lenovo is a Chinese computer company that primarily specializes in laptop computers, workstations and various other consumer electronics with an emphasis on catering to businesses, and government agencies with their Think line of durable laptops. Their 2012/2013 annual statement includes a quick business review from their management team that is composed of an: audit committee that independently review financial statements, internal controls, and risk management systems; compensation committee which decides compensation policy for the CEO and other senior management, nomination and governance committee whom help the board of directors organize and review the corporate governance principles and policies and finally the CEO who is responsible for the management and implementation of Lenovo’s strategy and policy (P.36). For the fiscal year of 2012/13 Lenovo boasted a 15.5% share in the PC market due to their PC+ strategy and achieved an overall number 3 ranking for total global market share in the smart connected device category (P.16). Lenovo has also begun penetrating into the smartphone market and is rapidly making headway into China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Russia and Vietnam. How successful this venture will be remains to be seen but initial impressions are showing promise. Tablet sales have been showing......

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...| 4. Place | 3 | 5. Promotion | 3 | 6. Conclusion | 4 | Background of Lenovo Lenovo is a Chinese multinational computer technology company that was founded at 1 November of 1984 and was also approved by the Chinese government on that day. The headquarters of Lenovo Group Ltd was located in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States. Lenovo’s first major success was developing a circuit board that would allow IBM-compatible personal computers to process Chinese characters after several of failed plans. Reason of the failure was because they were compounded by the fact that its staff had little business experience. After keep on improving , Lenovo company eventually managed to manufacture and market computers using its own brand name on 1990.Since then , Lenovo had develop magnificently and also was listed in Hong Kong was incensement of nearly US$30 million on year 1994. Because of its good management, strong brand recognition, and growth potential , Lenovo’s stock market had been keep on raising until many analysts were optimistic about Lenovo. Lenovo issued a secondary offering of 50 million shares on the Hong Kong market in March 2000 to fund its continued growth and it was raised up to US$212 million. In year 2015, Lenovo Group Ltd had now become one of the most improved and famous computer technologies in this world. Product of Lenovo Lenovo expanded in a far-reaching way in 2005 through its obtainment of IBM's PC business,......

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