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Leraning Team Reflection Summary

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Learning Team Reflection Summary
Week 1 and 2

Team A has summarized about last week from what we discussed with the discussion

questions as well as our individual thoughts about different acts how technology has promoted

their change. Last week was our first week of class in which we discussed several different

topics relating to business in the computer field. We discussed the ethical challenges surrounding

the movie and music industries as they related to the internet, collaborating tools that we use in

our personal and work life and different concepts of Microsoft Word that we might not have

been aware of. Along with our group work, we were also giving a list of different political acts

that have effect the technology world and were told to argue the two acts and why or how they

added to the change of technology.

Our discussion questions were centered on these topics; ethics in the movie and music

industry, collaborative tools used in our work and home life and, capabilities of Microsoft that

we may not have been aware of. We have all agreed that it is illegal and unethical to download

music and buy bootlegged videos. We believe that because these items have been made readily

available to us, that due to the hard work from the individuals involved, it is unfair that they

should be allowed to, in one way or another, work for free.

Information systems helps individual and business do all kinds of tasks with more

efficiency. We learnt that the amount of data collected through information systems are used to

make some companies emerge and others expand to new markets. We understand that companies

change their business process and implement certain policies. With the changes in

communication and collaboration it is forced to keep up with the ways different ways consumers

find product...

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