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Leslie Brinkman

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Assignment #2 Leslie Brinkman at Versutia Capital
Application of Course Concepts to a Case

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January 31, 2015

Question 1: What are Leslie Brinkman’s values?
Leslie Brinkman, CEO and founding partner of the hedge fund Versutia Capital holds the following personal values: freedom, ambition and responsibility.
Leslie is a professional who puts a large emphasis on freedom and independence in her career. “Bottom line is I wanted to be at a firm where I could have more impact on culture and the portfolio” she commented (Battilana, J. & Kaplan, R., 2007, p.4). Many individuals would be thrilled to make $3.5 million when they were 27 years old, but Leslie valued free choice. Leslie had moved up the corporate ladder at a rapid pace and craved a team-oriented culture so she went out on her own and in March 2003 officially launched Versutia Capital when she was 31 years old.
Like any successful CEO, Leslie is ambitious by nature. She is definitely in the hedge fund business to make money and after becoming a millionaire a few times over in 1999, money was no longer the strong motivator it once was and her strong ambition drove her to seek more autonomy.
Leslie could have remained at Lithium Capital indefinitely and been extremely successful, but she was driven to be a part of a firm where she could impact both the culture and the portfolio. In 2001 Leslie joined Valley Stream Capital and became the second in command of the organization. While pregnant with her first child she started Versutia Capital in 2002 and officially launched the company in 2003. “I really ate, slept, and generally lived this business 24/7. I wanted our people to develop the same rigorous approach and passion that I felt.” she stated (Battilana, J. & Kaplan, R., 2007, p.8).
Leslie Brinkman is a relatively young CEO who is directly responsible...

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