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Review Questions - ANSWERS

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Answer the following questions: 1) What is a resource?

People, equipment & materials necessary to complete a task

2) Why aren't resources assigned to summary tasks?

Summary tasks are simply a grouping for a set of related tasks. The indiv tasks require resources but the summary task is just a compilation of those resources.

3) What is the difference between Start, Prorated and End in association with costs?

Start – cost applied at the beginning of the task
Prorated – cost applied as work is completed
End – cost applied when the task is completed

4) Give a real-world example of the difference between a fixed cost and a cost per use?

Give a real-world example of the difference between a fixed cost and a cost per use?
Fixed Cost: (buy equipment) company bids $500 to clean carpet, cost of airline ticket…
Cost Per Use: (rent equipment) Hourly rate on moving van, rental of shampoo machine, landing fee each time plane lands…

5) Why is a fixed cost entered with the task and not the resource?

Because the cost is the same no matter how many people, hours, materials used. Not dependent upon the amount of time or number of resources it takes to complete.

6) Why is the resource cost for the Wiring Contractor $0.00?

Because the installation of the wiring is a fixed contractual price of $4000 – it will not matter how many hours the contractor takes – still the same price.

7) Which resource is Overallocated and why?

Systems Administrator, scheduled to work more than 8 hours in a day…For example: 12/5 scheduled to work 16 hours on hardware & 24 hours on software!

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