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Lesson Plan Structure

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Materials - list all required materials

Objectives/ Learning Goals - identify all objectives, both direct and indirect

Control of error (but only if obviously appropriate)

Age range: Adult/child ratio:
Date of Lesson: Time of Lesson:
Anticipated duration: Setting:

Pre-requisites: - identify the child(ren)’s previous knowledge/skills necessary to undertake this lesson.

Advance preparation for the lesson: what the teacher needs to get ready for the lesson.

Step by step guidelines:

Write a plan for the lesson. Remember that anyone should be able to use this plan to present the lesson, so it is essential that the information is clear and detailed.

Consider the needs of different children, different ages, special needs or where English is an additional language. Indicate any possible changes to the lesson plan.

Implementation of the lesson

Write a detailed implementation - everything that happened during the lesson – as soon as possible after the lesson. Following implementation of the lesson, please ask the person who permitted this lesson to sign and date the lesson plan.

Signature of supervising teacher together with a confirmation of the date on which the lesson was implemented.

Signature Date of implementation

Evaluation of the implementation
Complete as soon as possible after the lesson was carried out with the child(ren), relating back to the objectives/learning goals and the implementation to determine the effectiveness or otherwise of the lesson.

Personal Learning/reflection
Reflect on how the lesson went. Consider your own learning about the lesson and its implementation and note any possible future modification - improvements, refinements, extensions to the materials and/or the presentations. Also consider how to consolidate the child’s learning.

This is to include any books used in the preparation and delivery of the lesson, as well as for the evaluation.

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