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The topic that I would like to teach for this class period is:
Purpose and Methods of Delivery for Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
Students will be able to create and build from scratch a purposeful multimedia Powerpoint Presentation. Students will be able to recognize when presentation software is appropriate to be utilized to communicate information. Students will be able to understand the methods of presentation delivery and distribution.
Students will summarize and interpret presentation software and multimedia.
Students will differentiate, compare, and contrast appropriate and inappropriate content that can be utilized in a PowerPoint Presentation.
Students will execute the procedures for developing a multimedia presentation as well as the methods of delivery and distribution of a presentation.
Students will generate, design, and present a Powerpoint Presentation.

The Materials that will be utilized in this lesson will be:
PowerPoint Presentation
DIgital Activity Module Worksheets (Step by Step)
Critique Rubrics

I will begin by grabbing the student’s attention by showing them a clip of a Saved by the Bell television show where the students had to create a PowerPoint Presentation, some were appropriate and some were inappropriate. In order to activate the students’ prior knowledge, after watching the video clip I will have the students fill out a K-W-L chart that will consists of what the students already KNOW about presentation, what they WANT to know about presentations, and at the end of the lesson they will utilize this same chart to fill out what they have LEARNED. Next I will have a classroom discussion with the students about the basics of presenting a PowerPoint Presentation. After the brief discussion I will cover and define content on purpose, delivery methods, the basics of multimedia software, and the appropriateness and inappropriateness of presentation software. The students will be advised to follow along and utilize a note taking worksheet that is handed out to them. Next I will assess their knowledge by forming student learning groups and giving each group a scenario to role play for a Powerpoint Presentation. Once they carry out their roles to the classroom I will have the class interpret whether the Presentation that was presented was appropriate or inappropriate. Next we will move on to digital Activity module sheets that will be accessible on the students iPads. These digital worksheets are step by step guides that the students will utilize while working independently to create a PowerPoint Presentation about the State of North Carolina.

I will help students organize their knowledge by first having them to critique the video that will be shown on appropriate and inappropriate presentations. Next I will have students participate in a student led conversation about the appropriateness of presentations. Then I will have them take notes on the instructional lesson on the basics of presentation software and methods of delivery. Then as they work in groups the students will utilize their collaborative communication skills to have in depth conversations about appropriateness for presentations. Students will take that newly learned content and apply it when creating their own Powerpoint Presentation.

In order to activate the students’ prior knowledge, after watching the video clip I will have the students fill out a K-W-L chart that will consists of what the students already KNOW about presentation, what they WANT to know about presentations, and at the end of the lesson they will utilize this same chart to fill out what they have LEARNED. The end of the lesson when students are constructing their own presentation and when they fill out what they have learned from this lesson will be a way for the students to connect and differentiate old learning and new learning. The L portion of the K-W-L chart will serve as an exit ticket to assess if the students clearly understand the content that was taught in the lesson.

Students will be engaged in several different ways and scenarios. I believe that it is important for the students to chunk small bits of information learned in brevity and then utilize that information to create a final product. Engagment will take place for the students when they are watching the video clip, participating in their collaborative groups to create presentation scenarios, and when they work individually to create their own presentations.

The students declarative information will be stored throughout the lesson. Students will first identify what content is appropriate and inappropriate for presentations. Next the students will discover the methods of delivery for a presentation. Finally the students will be given information on how to create their own presentation with step by step instructions included. This information will be rehearsed when the students present their completed Powerpoint Presentations.

I will initially check for understanding by observing students while they are completing their final assignment(creating their own presentation). I will assess by the progress they are making on their own as well as their familiarity and learning curve for presentation software. Once students have completed their assignment they have to fill out what they have learned from the daily lesson. I will assess from their responses if they have learned the key concepts of the lesson. Finally I will utilize the final products of the presentations that the students created. These will be graded by rubric to ensure that the students were compliant with every concept of the lesson.

The feedback that will be given to facilitate instruction will be the grades that the students receive on their assignment of creating their own presentation utilizing step by step instructions. I will be able to infer from the results of these grades, which concepts I will need to re-teach. I will know that students can use and apply the concepts that were taught in this lesson by assigning the students an extensive assignment where they will be creating their own presentation without the step by step instructions that were provided to them in the previous lesson. Students will be assessed by grading of a rubric for this assignment as well.

My planning succes will be evaluated off of the data that is retrieved from the assessment scores both tangible and intangible. This data will serve as the driving force for future lesson plans. Another method that will be utilized is the interview method. I will simply ask the students about the lesson and if the way the lesson was planned and the strategies that were utilized were of any aid to their learning experience.

As i reflect on the instructional decisions that were made while designing and planning this lesson I feel that my students will benefit from this lesson because it was highly engaging and interactive learning. The activities of the lesson helped to create a learning atmosphere that was student centered and aided the students in being responsible for their own learning. The structure of the lesson leaves no idle time for the student to be a disruption to the classroom and challenges the student intellectually.

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