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Have a little read: ... Contents 1. Introduction 2. Mobile Phone Facts 3. Information on health 4. Mobile Phones are dangerous 5. Mobile Phones are NOT dangerous 6. My personal opinion of the dangers 7. Other peoples opinion of the dangers 8. Conclusion 9. Bibliography Introduction In this case study I am going to comment on the following things: - - Reasons that mobile phones are dangerous - Reasons that mobile phones are not dangerous - My overall thought on the subject - Other peoples thoughts on the issue - Scientific proof Mobile phones The mobile phones that we use today are called cellular phones. That's where the Americans gets cell phone. Theses are small hand held devices that are used to communicate with other people such as friends and family. They send out signals, which are sent to a satellite and then sent to the other person phone. There are different types of phones and these range from Nokia to Motorola. Health Many people believe that mobile phones cause cancer or fatal illnesses. But are these just coincident or do they really. Many scientist have searched and searched for the reasons and they think they have a conclusion, which I will be talking about a little bit later on. Scientists have recently announced that by holding a mobile phones to your ear you are causing a higher risk of ear tumours. A study taken out by Sweden's Karolinska Institute found that the risk of ear tumours has raised by 4 times on the side of the head the phone is used. There was no increase in the risk on the other side of the head. This is giving an overall rise in risk of 2 times. I find this horrific and it makes you think twice about getting a mobile phone or using it. Wouldn't you agree? Many people are not bothered that the risk of cancers is rising and it's all caused by using a mobile…...

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