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Let the Truth Be Told

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Let the Truth be Told

Teneka Oliver

PHI 200

Professor Worley

November 15, 2012

The concept of holiness emerges in the dialogue when Socrates revealed to

Euthyphro that he is being charged with corrupting the minds of the youth by defying

the gods of their time and creating new gods. Euthyphro then reveals to Socrates that he is

a master theologian of the things of gods, and he is prosecuting his father for murder. This

sparked curiosity in Socrates as he sees Euthyphro as a rare person prosecuting his father

in the name of religion. He then questions what piety is and what is impiety? This

question takes a prominent position in the conversation between Socrates and Euthyphro

because Socrates always had questions about religion. Secondly, Socrates was being

prosecuted for creating his own from of religion which he now questions the validity of

piety and impiety. Lastly, Socrates questions Euthyphro’s thought process of him

prosecuting his own father in the name of religion which led up to the prominent position

between Socrates and Euthyphro.

Euthyphro uses three main definitions on what are piety and impiety, and each time

Socrates challenges Euthyphro’s thought process on each definition. The first definition

that Euthyphro uses is based on the fact that he is prosecuting his father. Euthyphro’s

argument was that everyone that does wrong should be punished no matter who does it.

Euthyphro justifies his definition by using an example of how Zeus punished his own

father, Cronos, in a similar fashion. Socrates says that prosecuting his father was only a

mere example of a pious deed and there are other deeds that are noble and pious, therefore

his question still remains unanswered. Furthermore, Socrates required a general definition

on what is piety and what is impiety....

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