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Let's Hope It Repeats

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Let’s Hope It Repeats:
A History Lesson
Human beings posses, as an innate part of our nature, an incredible ability to argue with each other about just about anything. Some of these arguments are necessary to push us forward, and some keep us locked in a standstill and accomplish nothing. One of the biggest arguments that today’s society is embroiled in is that of the existence, and treatment of, homosexuality and same-sex relationships. Unfortunately, it seems that this is one of those arguments that keeps us from moving forward. What frustrates me the most about the whole argument is how unnecessary—and ridiculously riddled with misconceptions and outright insulting fabrications—it is. Homosexuality seems to be too difficult a concept for our society to accept, but it is too real, and too ancient, an issue to deny.
My purpose for writing this paper is to address one of the myths about homosexuality, and in doing so make a vital point about the biggest misconception that exists on the subject. In a society where each consecutive generation pushes the boundaries of social norms and acceptable behavior further outside of polite society’s comfort zone, fads and rebellions are commonplace. Often homosexuality gets lumped in with these fleeting trends and is seen as something transitory, something that will go away if denied acceptance long enough. On the contrary, homosexuality is not something new or impermanent. Rather it is a concept, a fact of life, which has been with us since the earliest recorded histories of man.
In this essay I will show how ancient societies—the ancestors of everyone in this great country—reacted to the presence of homosexuality. I will explain how all of these diverse peoples, all over the globe, recorded in their histories and their art not only the presence of homosexuality in their societies, but also their acceptance of...

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