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Dear the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,

With the abrupt release of the statistics about the missing indigenous and murdered women and girls by the RCMP, I have growing concerns the Indigenous people’s safety. I am especially concerned by the 2009 statistic, where it was found that Aboriginal women were nearly three times more likely than non-Aboriginal women to report being victim of a violent crime. As the newly elected prime minister, I hope to see a change for Indigenous people in the duration that you are appointed.

From any viewpoint in the world, I believe that Canada is often conceived as a “safe” and even a “welcoming” country. However, with the newfound knowledge of the murders and abductions of Aboriginal women, I strongly believe that Canada cannot boast to have the security that it has had in the past. The released statistics make evident how not only the government, but all Canadians must support a movement in order to stop the violence against Indigenous women. For 62% of these cases, the violence occurs domestically – right in the
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It is downplayed by many Indigenous people, non-Indigenous Canadians, and the government. One suggestion that I have for the Canadian government is to utilise social media. Social media is used by every capable age group. Similar to Bell’s “Let’s Talk” annual campaign, the government can use social media outlets, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to not only fundraise for better Indigenous living standards, but to create a huge campaign that informs people of the problems that occur in Indigenous communities. Bell has been successful in fundraising for mental health, and I strongly believe that the Canadian government can do the same.
As our newly elected prime minister, I know that changing the lives of the Indigenous people, will leave behind a significant legacy for

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