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There has always been an argument on which insurance is better and whether or not people should get Government funded insurance and any kind of help for that matter. We Americans are very outspoken people and voice our opinions and make things complicated if we have the chance to. So it’s not really a surprise that we would get into arguments over Obamacare and other Government issues that we really hate, like taxes. So what we are talking about is the fact of Government health care. There are a lot of different opinions on health care and whether or not the Government should provide such a service to us in the event that it could really cripple our economy even more than it already is and will become.
As citizens of the United States of America we need to stand up against big corporations taking away all of the money from little people which consist of well over half the population. They think they can push them around and take all their belongings, money and rights and throw them out the door and not care who gets the money and benefits of being a true American, not these fake Americans like most of the politicians that send jobs and materials overseas to get built. The next big thing is Obamacare and if it is right for Americans to use and whether or not it takes to much money to run and blow on people that cannot even help themselves and live off Government handouts and never apply themselves to get a job or get a better education so they can support themselves and not suck up all of our tax money and bankrupt the country. So we will inform one about all of these mishaps and see if Obamacare is really a good thing for our country. Obamacare was supposed to be a cheap and affordable for people that cannot work to get health insurance and live a good healthy life. In the first term of Obamacare the premiums were promised to go down by $2,500 so people could…...

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