Letter to a Client: the Initial Process of a Lawsuit

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Running Head: Letter to a Client

Letter to a Client: The Initial Process of a Lawsuit
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PA106: Legal Terminology and Transcription
Prof: Elaine Deering
May 21, 2013


Ms. Ima Smart.
Smart & Lee PPC
1212 Third Ave, Suite 300
Bellevue, Florida 25515
Jim Knott
Easy Construction
305 Hanford Ave
Richland, Florida 25518
Dear Mr. Knott:
I am writing this letter to assist you in understanding the initial process of your lawsuit up to the filing of the complaint with the court. Your lawsuit will be governed by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure. The following information is the process that will be followed during our preparation for your case.
Once all relevant information concerning the circumstances surrounding your case, the next step will be performing legal research. My paralegal, name , “will be spending a considerable time researching, preparing documents, interviewing clients, and consulting with the attorney on civil litigations matters” (Cheeseman & Goldman, 2008). A litigation file will be created to put all relevant the documents and recording regarding your case. With everything about your case in a litigation file will help all parties involved in your case easy access to all the information about your case (Hames, Kerley & Sukys, 2009).
Once all information is gathered and verified complaint will be drafted. The complaint will consist of the caption of the case, which is the heading, title, inscription and the allegation. The lawsuit will start once I file the complaint with the court in the correct Jurisdiction.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me…...