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Letter To Cousino High School

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Dear, Rating Committee,

First, I would love to introduce myself; my legal name is Kimberly Rose Thomas, but people call me Kim for short. I am a thirty-two year old. My birthday is Valentine’s Day. I grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan. I was adopted at the age of ten. By two of the most loving and caring parents, anyone could ask for. Their names are Rick and Vicki Sabaugh. I went to Cousino High School located in Warren, Michigan. I was on a swim team for twelve years, mastering the butterfly. My first year of high school, I made most valuable player on the team. Swimming was and is my passion. I made some outstanding school records. While I was at a swimming meet, competing, I blew out my knee and shoulder. All of my doctors told me …show more content…
I have a wonderful hard working husband named Zach; that is supportive of me going back to school to follow my dream. He and I got married a week before we had our daughter, which was in 2014. Our daughters name is Susan; she named after her guardian angle, her grandmother, my mom. Susan is two in half years old. My mom had passed away back in 2009 of brain cancer. Susan has a condition that she is on feeding tube. Zach and I decided that it was time for me to start school again. I am attending Oakland Community College to become a Surgical Technician, besides being a stay at home mom to our daughter. This is my second semester here at Oakland …show more content…
I have learned the proper way to write an essay using the writing process. With using the writing process, I know that there are eight steps to follow which are, I have to read whatever is given to me, if I don’t understand I need to ask for more assistance. The second is that I need to prewrite. Three is to be organized meaning having an outline of what I want to write about, four is that I’m starting to write the paper, five I need to revise the paper, six I need to edit the paper, by marking it up, seven, I learned how to proof read my paper, and to go see a tutor if need be, and last is to publish the paper, meaning turn in the assignment along with all of the steps that I took to write the paper. Along with the essay I have learned that I need to write the essay the right way, and that is by using the Modern Language Association. With that being said I have learned that I have a first part to the essay which is the physically part is going to land out. The paper that you are doing must be double spaced, size twelve, and in the Verdana front. With the second part it’s the Introduction, background, hook, thesis, the body, one topic sentence per paragraph, a transition between paragraphs, and last the conclusion. I have learned that there is a difference between an essay and an Impromptu; that is with an essay I have a few weeks, with an Impromptu I have a time

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