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Letter to Father and Mother

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Dear Father and Mother,

If you have found this letter, it means I am already in the heavens. Father and Mother, I know I have caused a great deal of trouble and I am truly sorry for all the trouble I have caused. I know the biggest question of all flowing through your mind, is what happened. I wouldn’t have caused all the trouble if I had a choice. I want to live, but I do not wish to suffer. Paris, is not the man for me. I am in love with Romeo. He is my everything. I could not let you separate us. Death seemed like it was the only way out. I know this is shocking and unacceptable, but Romeo and I were made for each other. He is the love of my life. The history between our two families did not matter when I was with him. Another reason I refused to marry Paris, is because..I was married to Romeo. I’d sacrifice a thousand Tybalts to be with Romeo. That is how strong our love is. I truly did not want to lie to you. Please understand that I am in a complicated situation. I am very sorry for hiding the truth from you. I did not want you both to get hurt. Please for give me and my selfishness. The reason, is not you, is myself. I caused all this trouble, I made all the decisions myself. So please do not hurt Romeo, please don’t. Knowing it is very hard, please help me persuade the prince? Please help me and send Romeo back to where he belongs? Thank you Mother and Father, for everything. From bringing me up and everything you’ve done. Thank you nurse. Looking after me, I know it was hard. Thank you for being there. Friar Lawrence, I thank you for everything. Although he held the wedding for my beloved Romeo and I. Thank you....

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