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Letter in the Life of a Solider

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Harold, Earl of Wessex
Today I leave my brother, King Edward, after long conversation. I will first go to the south coast with my Hawk, hunting dogs, and followers, to journey to my families estate in Sussex, Bosham.
My companions and I have now reached Bosham. We will go to the church to pray to God that he watches over our voyage and keep us safe on our travels. After we have prayed we shale dine on a magnificent feast that will be prepared at the manor house. When morning comes I will board my ship hawk in hand and set sails. The morning had come and as planned we have set sails and are now crossing the channel. Land has been spotted by my lookout form upon the mast and I have been informed that it is Ponthieu, north of Normandy. This is the territory of the Count Guy. He is known to be a fierce man. I pray that this is not fact.
The count is in fact a firce man. As soon we ported and I stepped from my ship I was seized by Count Guy’s soldiers as the Count sits horseback directing operations. I have now been taken prisoner but while the Count is a fierce man he did insure that I was treated with respect and allowed to ride in front with my hawk as we journeyed to his capital city of Beaurain. When we arrived to Beaurain, Count Guy spoke to me from upon his thrown. messengers arrived today. One by the name of Turold and another whos name has slipped my mind. They had been sent by the counts overloard, Duke William of Normandy to demand my release. The count has obeyed his orders and is taking me to meet Duke Williams. Once we arrived the Count pointed at me as to identify me. Duke William and I road to his palace accompanied by the Counts soldiers. I’m not sure why but he insisted on carrying my hawk as we road.
I am not accompanying Duke William and the Norman soldiers as they set off to fight Duke Conan of Brittany. We have just passed Mont St. Michel, which creates the border between Normandy and Brittany. We came to a river and as we crossed the soldiers held their shields over their heads as to keep them out of the water. On our journey some soldiers were taken by quick sand but I was able to save them two at a time!
When we reached Brittany, The Norman soldiers attacked but Duke Conan escaped down a rope from the castle. The Norman soldiers have now passed Rennes, the capital of Brittany in chase of Duke Conan. The Norman soldiers finally caught up with Conan at Dinan. The soldiers on horseback threw lances as others try to set fire to the defenses until Conan surrendered and handed over the keys to of Dinan to Duke William on the point of a lance. As a reward for my services, Duke William honored me with the gift of arms.
Duke William and I have returned to Normandy and are going to the town of Bayeux. When we arrived at Bayeux, I swore a solemn oath on holy relics as I was appointed overlord of Dinan. I will be released and sailing back to England.
Upon my return I went to my brother. He seemed to be frail and ill but insisted he was in perfect health.
My speculations were correct. My brother, the King is deathly ill. I stood by his bed side accompanied by his queen, his faithful followers, and two noblemen as he took his last breath and passed away. The two noblemen offered me the crown and in my brothers honor I have accepted the crown. I am yet stricken with grief even as the people cheer me. I fear now that something will go wrong as Halley’s comet has appeared and as you know this is viewed as an evil omen.
Halley’s comet has shown to truly be an evil omen as Duke William has decided to attack England and has already organized a fleet of warships for his attack. News has now come to me that Duke Williams warships have been loaded and have set sail to England. William and his soldiers have reached the south coast of England and are riding off towards Hastings where they will most likely gather food.
News has been brought to me that William has had his soldiers build a motte in order to strengthen their base at Hastings. Morning has come and my Soldiers stand ready for battle as William and his soldiers approach. I watched as William gave a speech to his soldiers. I only hope that he has informed them of their fate for my men are strong and ready for battle. If I am to never to return from battle let my name and stories of my journey be told throughout history.

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