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Letters : to Jane from Janie Jane Eyre and Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Dear Jane, May 10th, 1937

Ah’m writin tuh yo wid uh sad, sad heart. Ma Tea Cake is gawn, an at ma own hand. Afta da flood in da Everglades, Tea Cake an’ah make fo da high ground. When we git der, he done come down wid dis awful sickness. Ah’m tellin ya he done turn’d stark ravin mad! Jane it was awful, de Tea Cake dat ah know an love just plain vanished. De sickness done ate away at him till der was nuttin left. Ah had to fire first to he’d a killed me, ah had no choice. Ah loved him so much, but ah had to set him free. Ah’m writin to yo now from back home, in Eatonville. Tea Cake don left a hole in dis heart a mine ah swear nothing can fill. Ah just dont know what to do wid me laf any’mo. But ah think ah’m gonna start livin laf fo me. Ah done spent foty years of ma laf listening to da wants of others. Ah still have plenty of money left from Jody’s passin. Ah think ah’l git ma self a bit’o land near Eatonville. Start fresh, maybe plant uh little baby orchard. Ah always did love dem fruit trees in spring... but who knows, maybe someday ah’l find dat perfect man fo me. Ah man ah can love wid ma whole heart, an one dat will love me da same. De kind of love were ah can be free. Kinda lak dem bee’s wid da flowers in spring, now dats perfect harmony. De bees comin and goin as dey please, but perfectly happy... Ah know dis probably sounds mighty silly of me, but ah cant help but hopin. Well dats jus’bout nough said bout me. It would be close on a year now since you’d be married. How yo be likin laf as a married woman? Is Edward still treatin you nice?

All me love,
Janie Woods

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