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Level of Political Awareness

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Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background Introduction
333 years of Spanish Colonization. 42 years of New Worlds Domination. Almost 3 years of fear made by the Samurai’s aggression. These are mighty periods that strengthen the pillars for the creations a mighty Malayan Empire in the Pacific. Inhabited by different races, a melting pot, Philippines rise from the dust of a monumental failure to a proud-gallant nation. For almost half a century of foreign domination, half century of foreign exploitation, Philippines became a ripe fruit on the Asian Tree. A proud valiant archipelago of grandiose and influences, Philippines became a melting pot, a land where too many different races took part for the development of the land. Strategically located in the heart of the Pacific, Philippines is a stepping stone. Different foreigners will be first to land in the Filipino soil before passing other Asian Countries. Geographically located in the tropic, Philippines is vested by different natural resources. Philippines, a pebble on the shoe of other Great Asian Agricultural Countries, is also a great trading empire; not only in the Asian Trade but also with the International Trade. Known as a nation rich in Tropical Fruits, Philippines showcased her greatness in International Trade as she become leading Banana and Mango exporter in Asia. Also a renowned Rice Bowl of South East Asia, Philippines sheltered the development of world-class agricultural researches that would benefit not only the Philippines but also other agricultural countries in Southeast Asia. The IRRI or the famed ‘International Rice Research Institute’ in Los Baños, Laguna, spearheaded the construction of theories, experiments and evaluations that would benefit the future of agriculture. New rice breeds were introduced because of this institution.
In 2009, Palawan’s Underground River was recognized by the world...

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