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The Description of the Problem


The Problem of the Problem 46 Problem Statement 47 Related Research 49 What to Include 50 Search Strategies and Information Sources 52 Use of the Internet and World Wide Web 52 Research Strategies before the Internet 54 Relevant Information Sources Appropriate to Successively Specific Stages of Problem Definition 58 Save Steps and Time with Your Computer-An Example 58 Quanti ta tive Literature Summa ries 62 Questions, Hypotheses, or Models? 64 Descriptions of Where to Look and Questions 65 Hypotheses 66 Models 67 Worksheet 4.1: Characteristics of a Good Research Topic 69 Worksheet 4.2: What to Look for in Reviewing Literature for a Dissertation 71 Worksheet 4.3: Characteristics of a Good Proposal Problem Statement 73 Your first task is to describe your problem in terms so enticing as to make the re­ viewer eager to examine the rest of your proposal. This job falls especially to the introduction and initial problem statement, but is shared with two other sections described in this chapter, the literature review and the questions, hy ­ potheses, and models sections. The introductory section typically develops un­ derstanding of the problem by describing its significance in relation to the large, important problems already of concern to the reviewer and by showing the problem in the perspective of the field in which it is embedded. Thls leads into a section on related research (the literature review), which further develops problem understanding and appreciation by showing specifi­





cally how the problem is solidly grounded in the previous work of the field and how this project will take a significant step beyond what has already been done. This makes it possible at the end of the...

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...LAB 9B 1. Scroll down the CBOFS website and click on now-cast under the water level icon. The water level animation which appears displays the most recent water levels in local time at a [ (1) (2) (3) ]-hour interval. 2. Water levels are reported in the animation relative to the MLLW in feet and are color coded in the animation with the lowest water levels (indicating low tide) most likely represented by [ (green to red) (blues and purples) ]. 3. The animation shows the tides moving through the estuary [ ( towards) ( away from) ] the mouth of the bay. Figure 2 shows water level changes during one tide’s journey through the Bay. 4. The times shown below the maps, indicate it probably took about [ (3) (6) (12) ] hours for the low tide to travel the entire length of the Bay. 5. In figure 2, mark the location of Kiptopeke ( Beach), VA, on the map to the left at 37.1 degrees N, 76.0 degree W (or you can find the location on the CBOFS website map). It is [ (northwest) (northeast) ]. 6. The comparison of the 0600 25 April Water level now-cast map in figure 2 with the predicted and observed water levels in figure 3 for the same time are consistent on showing the presence of a [ (low) (high) ] tide in the mouth of the bay. 7. Knowing the direction of movement of tides in Chesapeake Bay as seen in the water levels Now-cast animation, figure 2 reveals that this tide (identified in item 6) progressed about [ (half) (the entire length) ] of the bay in the subsequent five......

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