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Levels of Critical Thinkingg

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The beginning critical thinker broken into four different levels. Levels 1 and 2 are individuals that are not aware that there are different levels of thinking. They cannot comprehend that there is a lot more to everyday thinking than they are aware of. Level 3 thinkers know that there are different steps in thinking but choose not to question their methods and just do the things they know. Level 4 thinkers acknowledge that critical thinking is important but are reluctant to the change the way they see and do things. They tend to follow the norms of family and friends without questioning their motives.
The average critical thinker broken into two levels. Level 5 thinkers evaluate information to make sure it is correct but on occasions. They want to be critical thinkers, but they don’t have the motivation to do so all the time. The Level 6 thinkers are more careful when coming to an opinion make sure to take into account all parties information. They try to remain unbiased but cannot always stop the outside world’s impact of their thoughts.
The last level of critical thinking is the Advanced Critical thinker. The Advanced Critical thinker is broken down into two levels as well. The Level 7 thinkers apply critical thinking skills every day and make fewer mistakes when making decisions. These thinkers question nearly everything and can often catch unsupported information given by other people. Level 8 thinker is a little harder to communicate with. They tend to believe anything anyone tells them until they can research the information and make sure that it is 100% accurate. They tend to embrace different people into their lives to develop their critical thinking skills.
When learning the different levels of critical thinking, I have determined that I am a level 7 entering into a level 8 thinker. Ever since I can remember I have always been the “annoying” person...

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