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LGBT community at Delaware Valley College: Fixed through Operant Conditioning

Gabriel A. Becker

Delaware Valley College: Introduction to Psychology

The LGBT community is a vast group of people all over the world. People who identify as something out of “the norm” as far as their sexual, romantic, and gender orientation. People see it as very black and white, where in reality there is a full spectrum of preferences. At Delaware Valley College there is one club for the LGBT kids on campus, GLOW. GLOW has been the only group on campus for LGBT kids for years. It was started around 5 years ago and was founded by a freshman named Dan Rivera. He founded it to be a support group and an opportunity for kids who struggle with how they identify to connect with other kids who are having similar issues. It was founded as a chance to make friends, and more importantly, make a difference. Soon it blossomed and became a much larger club, with incoming freshman each year, and people coming back for more it expanded and it eventually lost the support group atmosphere and started to focus on other things. Now GLOW does nothing to help these kids into the community nor does it do any outreach or host educational programs to teach the world that people in the LGBT spectrum are normal too. This needs to change and I propose that we do so through operant conditioning using funding as a reward or as a punishment. One major issue is the drag show hosted every year. It is a fun experience and is a great event for fundraising and getting the outside community involved. However, this show is the only major event hosted by GLOW and by doing that they are supporting the idea that all gay men dress up like women and act crudely. They are saying that slurs are acceptable and that it is ok to make fun of people in the LGBT community. This is extremely unacceptable and inappropriate when...

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