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Human Resource Management (HRM) * activities that managers engage in to attract and retain employees * to ensure that they perform at a high level and contribute to the accomplishment of organizational goals
HRM activities * Recruitment and selection * Training and development * Performance appraisal and feedback * Pay and benefits * Labor relations
Strategic Human Resource Management * the process by which managers design the components of a HRM system to be consistent with each other
“Six Sigma” quality improvement plans * ensure that an organization’s products and services are as free of errors or defects
Components of a Human Resource Management System * Recruitment and Selection * Labor relations * Training and development * Pay and benefits * Performance appraisal and feedback

Recruitment and Selection - used to attract and hire new employees who have the abilities, skills, and experiences
Training and Development - ensures that organizational members develop the skills and abilities that will enable them to perform their jobs effectively
Performance Appraisal and Feedback
- provides managers with the information they need to make good human resources decisions
- feedback from performance appraisal serves a developmental purpose for members of an organization
Pay and Benefits - rewarding high performing organizational members with raises, bonuses and recognition * Increased pay provides additional incentive. * Benefits, such as health insurance, reward membership in firm
Labor relations - steps that managers take to develop and maintain good working relationships with the labor unions
The Legal Environment of HRM * Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) * the equal right of all citizens to the opportunity to obtain employment * regardless of their gender, age, race, country…...

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