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Liberation and Empowered through a song

If one could picture life as a species, most likely the masses would label life as being human. Furthermore, they would have said it's an individual with multiple personality, schizophrenia. In my own views and thoughts I forge the word “multipolar” to describe life. Sense that's the case, then most of the times I feel like one should never fought life alone, but instead used certain things to help empower their self against life obstacle. Me, as one of those people, the weapon I used for my empowerment and liberation against this sometimes foe of humankind called life is the song Beggin by Madcon.

To start it off, let me explain in a little this empowering and liberating song called 'Beggin”. Beggin sound like a mixer of jazz, r&b and hip-hop in my listening view in instrumental guessing. The song originally was produce by Peggy Farina and Bod Gaudio. In 2007 the same year as the French DJ Pilooski remix of the song was out, an hip-hop Norwegian group called Madcon came out with there own version. Their version of the song feature two gentlemen; one is providing an R&B rhythm sound to the song, while the other gentleman is doing his part in a raping style interpretation. Although the duet sounded different then the original version. In my view, the Madcon version was and is the better version of tall of the versions of that song.

As the reader, you're probably asking how does this empowered and liberate Louis. Well let me attach it for you in a brief scenario that occurred in my life. First let's start with How I came about this song in the first place. I've come to notice of this song a while ago when I was in a mission for the military. While away, I was still in a relationship and like most the starting of the relation was beautiful. Later in this romantic life, I started looking else where and not giving her all my attention like in the beginning because I knew she was in love with me already now. While at Fort Jackson, mid portion into the training my girlfriend now ex called me to tell me how she heard of my past cheating ect, but sense I didn't care or felt that I need it her I just blew her off. Then at the end of the of the phone call we end up breaking up, but through out it all I never told her the truth; I stood by my semi-lies. In the meantime, during the rest of the training I started thinking of her and what we had. The day before we departed from training one of my friend had his Ipod with him and let me used it. While I was listening to Ipod music, I was also thinking of asking my ex to come back with me. Furthermore, I was thinking of telling her all the wrongs I did while with her. Then suddenly, this song started playing, “Beggin”. First thing that hit my mind was this song is saying exactly how I was feeling right now. At that particular moment I was zone out to this completely strange and foreign sound. In fact, I felt liberated because there was a group of people saying, combining and regurgitated this similar wordings that my mind have been telling me in the past few days. One part of the song that had me the most which I quote was when the RnB singer said “riding high , when I was king/ played it hard and fast cause I had everything”. That part right there had empowered me to called my ex and set things right with her and also hoping for her to take me back with her loving hands. Once training was over. We, the soldiers flew back to our home of address. When I got home I called her, no answer. The next best thing I did was email her the song that had me thinking of her this much. Also, I emailed her a complete detail of my wrong doings, regret and how I now know my wrongs, and how much she meant to me; at end of the message I felt liberated, relief and good. When she had called me back, she was still sticking with our previous route which was the break up. Nevertheless, although I didn't get her back that song have meant a lot to me and will always be there for me when feeling down.

As can be seen and said by me, life as many personality, if using life as being human example. Basically the main thing to grasp here is when life throws lemons at you, don't fight it by yourself used things in your reach to put up a better fight. For me instead of one on one fight, I uses a song by a group called Madcon to help me out. Although, I didn't get the girl but I did felt liberated, and empowered against this sometimes foe called life because at the end I set things right.

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