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Liberia Correption

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I have investigated the Liberian’s Economy and some significant factors that are costing it high level of Corruption in public offices, What are the roots costs of the corruption, how its affecting the Country and its people at lager. I also investigated what mention could be put into place to help the Liberian combat, eliminate or eradicate their nightmares ( the corruptions ) from their country. I did consider some pacific President terms in office as well.
Liberia is bounded on the west Coast of Africa by these following Countries; on the north by Guinea, on the west by Sierra Leone, on the East by Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) and on the South by the Atlantic Ocean. The name Liberia came from a Greek word which mean Liberty/Freedom was given to that portion of land in west Africa which covers the area of 111,369 square kilometers (43,00 sp M) during the arriver of the Freed Slaves and was fully accept during the declaration as an independent State in the 1847.
According to the World bank and the IMF historical Account, in the early 1960 Liberia economic growth very fast making it to the second ranking in the world to that of Japan in income.
Liberia economic growth report is not new. At different periods in more than half a century ago, Liberia has experienced the so-called fastest economic growth. Liberia was once regarded as the “fastest growing economy in the world”. Liberia's economic growth has been so enviable to the point that economists described Liberia as "growth without development", clearly pointing to Liberia as a good example of a country with enormous growth rate without much improvement in the socioeconomic conditions of the majority of Liberians.
For example, A group of Northwestern University development economists[14] led by Dr. Robert W. Clower described Liberia as being among the high achievers in economic growth performance, ranked...

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