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I imagine things would be substantially different for me if I lived in 2000 B.C., Egypt. As a 43 year old male, I suspect it would be a miracle I survived at all. Surely, disease warfare or my birth had a high probability of ending my life by now. I would be living in a culture that values art and beauty and eternity. The Egyptians had a mind to build things that lasted. I believe I would have observed in awe, the building of the pyramids. The Egyptians were accomplished metal workers, judging by the ornate craftsmanship in working precious metals. I would imagine it was an exciting time as the priests interpreted the stars at night and informed the farmers when to plant and when to harvest their crops. The society would be learning the value of natural terrain and the importance of convenient and available fresh water. This would lend itself to the survival of the crops on a seasonal basis, knowing which crops would tolerate drought and which would not. I suspect the stockpiling of resources would also become a factor as commerce develops and people recognize the value of different food stocks and develop a monetary exchange or barter system. If I were born during this time, I suspect my life would be completely different. Clearly without the availability of refrigeration, available water, sewer systems and modern medicine, each day would be a struggle to survive. It's difficult, growing up in the west, to imagine what it's like to live in a primitive society where survival depends on the collective work of the community.

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