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Use of Information Search Techniques and Tools on Web

By Prof. A. B. Bhosle*

A university, a college or an institution of higher learning is rightly described as community where teachers and scholars are the head, students are the body and the library is it’s heart. If the body is to perform its function properly and efficiently its hearth must be well maintained and strong in its functioning. Thomas Carlyle was not exaggerating when he described a ‘true university as a collection of books’.[1]

The library is obviously the source of power of knowledge. In higher education and research, the use of library is a matter of concerns to students, teachers, and researchers. The exponential growth of literature often creates problems for them to access appropriate literature and their use. The problem has, however, considerably been resolved with the help of information and communication technology (ICT). The use of information technology for management and handling of information and data has grown significantly even in many least-developed countries, despite their economic constraints.

The use of information technology in libraries has been profoundly affecting all aspects of information acquisition, storage, and transfer. Its magnificent development has dramatically changed the mode of library operations and information services; we have now started to speak of a new type of information source, ‘knowledge base’.[2]

Computer-based communications have not only widened the access to information and helped establish linkages with the professional colleagues and friends elsewhere, it has extensively facilitated message transmission, transfer and exchange of files and text, uploading/downloading, database access, interactive services, provision of bulletin boards and newsletters, job submission and execution, dissemination of information, and so on....

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