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Something Exciting Is About To Transform Toronto!
Once the city that slept too much – Toronto is waking up to a cultural explosion! Here, new people and a variety of cultures mix, creating dynamic neighbourhoods. Theatre, dance, music and film--- an astonishing variety of voices tell many different stories that challenge our assumptions and enrich our lives.
Soon, in the heart of the city, there will be a place for these voices to be heard, discussed, and shared; a home for ideas and dreams. An historic theatre is about to be renovated, a new home for artists from all over. A place committed to the breaking of cultural barriers—where artistic freedom and the exploration of sexuality and art reign---- Timothy Findley
Forging New Cultural Frontiers:
Imagine a place where artists congregate and create new visions of all cultures and where audiences converge for a wondrous experience. Buddies is a theatre which celebrates the work of cutting edge and lesbian and gay artists. Buddies will continue to be about difference and how exciting and enriching that difference is! The new Buddies will be home to explorers of Toronto’s uniquely modern urban culture. It is a risky and often sensuous adventure. But that’s what art is about—isn’t it?
Honouring the TWP legacy
Before George Luscombe and Toronto Workshop Productions, Toronto had little if any indigeneuos theatre. Sure, there were American road shows but nothing by an for us! There is a certain symmetry to Buddies in Bad Times’ move into the former home of Toronto Workshop Productions. The past will have a place of honour in the present. We will build a wall of tribute to Toronto Workshop Productions. Here, Buddies will face the future of theatre on a solid foundation. From the birthplace of radical theatre in Canada, will grow a theatre for the next century!
Some of the Plays:…...

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...this allow students to work on assignments and access the internet anywhere. Books are very important in every side, it provide necessary information for studying and living. Raffles in Ho Chi Minh also has a Library located in the highest floor of the building which provides students all reading materials that imported and updated with the current teaching course and subject. However, the number of students is growing quickly when the books and reading materials are limited. Students are not allowed to borrow the book home and they usually cannot buy the books because of the high cost of copyrighted books Because of that, we write this proposal to suggest about opening an online e- library system for student in Raffles Ho Chi Minh to use books material easily. The system will provide a website for students to read e-books (electronic online books) and reserve to borrow book from the library. The system also control the books logically to make sure it will be returned on time and won’t be lost Moreover, the system provides reference e-books such as Making the Grade, Communication Skills, etc. Books which contain meaningful story relate to the study course will appear in the website also. The e-libraries have the potential to store much more information, simply because digital information requires very little physical space to contain it. As such, the cost of maintaining an e-library is much lower than that of a normal library. Opening e-library system for Raffles student......

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