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Library Construction Business Proposol

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Library Business Proposal
November 28, 2011

The Friends University Library is an integral part of the student learning process. With an increase in the student population and the great advances in technology, it is time to improve the existing library and turn it into a world class learning facility appropriate for both students and faculty. Many factors must be taken into consideration in planning the new structure including location, size, services provided, and the types of rooms included in the building. The two options to create this facility are remodeling the current library, or rebuilding.
The first option is to remodel the current library, which offers several advantages. The current location of the library is suitable because it is centralized and easily accessible from any area of the campus. Remodeling also offers the possibility of creating an addition or a second building on the north side of the library. An addition would be very beneficial for both students and faculty by adding more classrooms, computer labs, and quiet study areas.
There are also disadvantages to remodeling the current library that must be considered. The current facility is an older building, which creates the possibility of structural problems or safety concerns. It could be very difficult to remodel the older building because unforeseen problems may arise that could be costly and take a large amount of time to repair. Some issues that need addressed are the electric work and the restroom. Completing any electric work could become very extensive and extend overall construction time. The restrooms in the building are also old and need renovations. Plumbing problems or mold may exist that could be very expensive to fix. Also due to the age of the building, changes need to be made to be compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA).
The second option for creating a world class learning facility is to rebuild the library. Rebuilding the library would be beneficial because it could be expanded to house more classrooms and computer labs to promote a higher student population. A new building would also allow the University to create a state of the art facility that can compete with other schools and provide greater learning potential. A larger facility could also create more on campus job opportunities for students.
One of the major concerns for rebuilding is determining the appropriate location. The current library location is convenient for the school and would be the best location. If the library is demolished before construction, all of the library’s items will have to be relocated. The relocation of these items could prove complicated and could ultimately disrupt the day to day activities of the campus. The library is a much needed aspect of college life and will need to remain active during any construction.
To provide Friends University students and staff with the best possible learning facility, rebuilding is the better option. The new facility will include two buildings, each with two floors, connected by a small walkway. The south building will be built in the location of the current library; the second directly north of the existing library. The buildings will be the same size, 110 feet east to west by 145 feet north to south.
To help make the change more manageable, the north building will be constructed first while the current library continues to function and conduct business. The first level of the north building will house the majority of library books, staff offices, storage rooms, study areas, Ed Tech, and two Music/Media rooms.

The staff offices and storage rooms will be placed on the north side of the building. The head librarian’s office will be the largest in the northeast corner. An assistant’s office will be placed directly next to it. Eight other offices for staff and student workers will be laid out in two rows with a six foot hallway in between. A printer and copy machine will be easily accessible for staff along this hallway. A side exit door will also be located in the office area, for staff use only. The box room will be used to sort through any mail received as well as to store access boxes. The open desk area will be used to sort and organize magazines and other periodicals, similar to the space currently available. Four storage rooms, for cleaning supplies, Ed Tech, and library materials will also be in this area.
The circulation desk will be to the left of the front doors, with a supervisor’s desk behind to allow for easy access. There will also be space for another supervisor or student worker desk along the east side of the building. Two vending machines with drinks only will be easily available. Reference materials, magazines and periodicals, and regular book stacks will all be on the first floor. Round and square work tables with chairs will be placed throughout the building for individual and group student work.
To adhere to all ADA requirements, the men’s and women’s restrooms will be designed with wider doors, and two handicap accessible stalls each. Two staircases, one along the west wall and one along the east wall will also be wider with handrails down the center to comply with ADA regulations. A larger elevator will be placed along the south wall, near the walkway to the south building. Similar to the current library, there will be two Music/Media Rooms. These rooms will be designed for students to watch required material that is not allowed to leave the library. A television with DVD and VCR players and several chairs will be in each ten foot by ten foot room. As the student population has increased and technology has advanced, open computers are imperative. Two rectangular tables will house six computers each. The tables will be partitioned in 2 ½ foot by 4 foot sections to allow for more privacy. All computers will have the Microsoft Office programs available as well as access to a printer. Wireless laptops, display boards, and reference services will continue to be offered to students. The second level of the north building will contain the children’s book section, the CD/DVD section, the Quaker Room, Law Room, Piano Room, and several new classrooms and computer labs.

The children’s section and CD/DVD section will take up the southwest corner, with several seating areas nearby. As with the first level, the men’s and women’s restrooms will have two handicap stalls each. The Quaker Room will continue to hold Quaker manuscripts, books, and other publications. The Piano Music Room will have a keyboard and headphones available for students to practice. Law books and other similar publications will be found in the Law Room. Seven new classrooms, six new computer labs, and another storage room will also be located on the second floor. Each classroom will be designed with a computer station for teachers, whiteboard, and projector and screen, similar to other classrooms on campus. The computer labs will also be similar to other labs with computer tables, printer, whiteboard, and projector and screen. These extra rooms will help to promote a higher student population.
Upon the completion of the north building, all items in the current library will be transferred to the new building. The old building will be torn down and built new to complete the world class learning facility. For easy access for students and staff, the first level of the south building will house the Friends University Bookstore, the Writing Center, study areas, and a new coffee shop.

The Friends University Bookstore will be placed in the southwest corner of the south building. The bookstore will be larger than the current space at 58 feet by 71 feet. Placing the bookstore in the new learning center will allow students easy access to purchase their textbooks. A storage room and desk will be placed in the textbook section, similar to the current bookstore layout. The Writing Center will also be moved from the Davis building to the new learning center. The new Writing Center will be 24 feet by 26 feet with several computer tables, printer and copy machine, and square work tables to allow for tutoring. A new coffee shop will also be built in the south building. The shop will offer more job opportunities for students and will have a larger selection than a vending machine. Beverages including coffee, pop, and energy drinks will be sold as well as a small selection of snack foods. Four more computer tables, similar to those in the north building will be available for students. Empty work tables and chairs will also be located throughout this level for students to have quiet study areas. An extra storage room, two staircases, an elevator, and handicap restrooms complete this level.
The second level of the south building will be devoted solely to classrooms and computer labs. As the student population has increased, the need for these extra rooms has grown.
Each of the classrooms will have a computer station for the professor, a whiteboard, and projector and screen. All of these items are essential to student learning. The computer labs will be set up similar to the labs in the Business and Technology Building with rows of computer tables, printers, whiteboards, and projector and screen. In order to raise money needed to complete this project, Friends University should promote its’ arts programs. The ballet program could perform with all proceeds and donations going toward the funding of the learning facility. Because the school is well known for the Singing Quakers, they could also do numerous performances. Holding art shows and possibly auctioning off some of the students’ work could be beneficial for the school and for the students’ art careers. Alumni Fundraisers could also be held with all proceeds going toward the new buildings. Creating a world class learning facility for Friends University is critical for the University to expand. Rebuilding the current library with two buildings offers the possibility of more classrooms and more computer labs. The larger structure will also allow for the expansion of and easy access to the library, bookstore, and writing center. All of the aspects of this new facility will benefit Friends University students and staff.

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