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WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE LIBRARY HOURS BEING REQUIRED EACH SEMESTER? A library is a place where all the collection of books, periodicals, newspapers, manuscripts, maps, prints, etc. kept for reading and consultation to facilitate reference as by classification and indexing. In my own opinion, the library hours being required each semester is very much congruous and pertinent. It showcase the students the ability to give importance and to consider the library to be valuable despite the fact that they only depend upon the advances of technology, with just a click in the internet, everything will be given and all you have to do is to copy and paste without reading the details and tidings. Disseminating the library hours will bestow the dexterity of the students in terms of searching with understandings regarding the problem, assignments and projects. Through this, it will enhance more the capability of the student’s to be assertive in what they’re thinking, doing and sharing because “Libraries are not made; they grow.”
IS IT SOMETHING THAT MUST EVEN BE REQUIRED OF YOU OR SOMETHING YOU OUGHT TO BE DOING EVEN WITHOUT PROMPTING? Library hours are not necessary; I guess an individual has its own way on how he/she is comfortable in gaining information or researching, whether through the internet, library or any other tracks or researching, but as of this moment, I do believe that library hours should be a requisite because it opens up the mind and to deliver that a library still exist, that libraries are still a reliable reference, that libraries are still the no.1 and traditional way of gaining information and that libraries are still giving a concise sources. As what I mentioned before, because of our advances in technology, we were already depending upon the internet that makes some students think that the library and library hours are detestable. Having library…...

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