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Exchange as Personal Choice

I was talking with a friend the other day and asking about his 18 year old daughter that is studying in Cuba, through an exchange, his comments reminded me that this also has always been my dream as a young, get an exchange and acquire experience of living abroad and of course make my resume more valued. The situation of a temporary exchange brings a wide range of information and knowledge to anyone's life, especially in the life of a young person. As any new situation in life, an exchange also has changes that may be crucial for somebody’s life. Among these changes five are fundamental in my opinion. An exchange program to study and specialize using a language of a foreign country has the opportunity to be a great investment not only to mature in life and can also be a great career move, either for teenagers or young people who attend a university in their own country. Even if the period is one year or even six months, this feature brings aggrandizing your resume with a rich cultural background, and improvement in language skills. On the other hand a person who did not live this experience as much as he wants to do different courses, or even learn new language within their own country, still carries with him that the person never experienced life outside. This adventure also brings opportunity to grow not only professionally, but as a person matures. This new situation face the student alone and outside the country of origin. My older sister for example, had the opportunity to study in Argentina for six months, I remember that during this period she would call home asking my father, if he could require the owner of the property where she was living to arrange the place ideal for heating during winter. My father listened with care and affection, but in the end he said that she had to face the situation and go until the owner and clarify the problem by herself, and that he could not do much from miles away. On the other side as being in their own country and especially close to home these problems are easy to be solved with the help of family. Is important to remember that Living and studying abroad can be a dangerous experience for youth if he or she do not have a good mind. A preparation is fundamental, parents must talk about the expected goals for the exchange and about freedom and responsibility when you don’t have family around. There is a risk of being involved with friends of bad habits and come to use alcoholic beverages and even drugs. It may come to awaken lack of discipline with the studies and also want just enjoy parties and new friends. Being close to family slide this behavior may be more guarded even by parents in another state. Many parents also prefer to visit often their children while they are students. What to do if the new place is much better than my city?, Could this kind of situation happen?, yes it can. Many after some time enjoying a new life, new culture and making new friends, may also decide to leave once their country of origin. While I was living in Boston at 2001, I met a young lady of 24 years old, who came from the same state as my . At first when she left Brazil, she came to New York to study English for 6 months, and already had five years since she had left home. When you have only one idea what is to leave so far away, and a vague notion of adventure, fear often prevents the change to the outside and over the years, a new profession, relationship, the person who never left his parents do not even accepted this hypothesis. After analyzing all the factors something must be considered, which for many is decisive factor, the financial part. The fact of going to study abroad requires a financial investment higher than the one who decides to do their studies in their country of origin. The monetary part needs to be studied, evaluating housing, cost of living, health insurance, and in some cases even security. The situation requests always a financial reserve for emergency , and a advance programming purchase tickets for round trip. Studying near the house, everything is easier to be straightened out. The transport is cheaper, in some cases parents offer some meals, and housing for many remains the same or even with relatives, who leaves near the of the school area. Education can’t be seen as a product, how it should be bought or not, but as the truth and the greatest wealth we can get. It takes a personal analysis of desires, for many the own country is the perfect place, and often it actually the best idea, but many may feel a strong desire to grow and learn new cultures. At this cases the own expectations must be aligned to reality. It is important to act honestly within a preparation. Try to find a program that meets your needs, and remember that difficulties are likely to happen, but the return can also be wonderful also.

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